Foreigner has a sound that has been honed for nearly 50 years. They carry the best of 70’s era rock with influences from the music the band has heard as well as the music that Foreigner has inspired over the years. This gives the music a timelessness that makes every show feel special, unique, and exciting.

But musically speaking, Foreigner is probably best known for their energy. Their shows are packed with smart and catchy melodies, incredible lyrics, and a certain stage presence that is undeniable. It doesn’t take long for Foreigner’s audiences to stand up and cheer or to hit the dance floor as soon as the band starts with their hit singles. And some shows are rumored to even be fan’s first chance to listen to new work before it gets released to the public.

But even if a show is a ‘best of’ hits affair or in support of recent albums, Foreigner keeps up the incredible energy that first made them charting successes way back in the 1970s.

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