What surprises most fans of Foreigner is how they’ve kept up the energy since their early days. In fact, many fans feel like their recent work has that “we’re just starting to rock” energy that shows how timeless Foreigner has begun. But their work rocks across the board and here’s our choices of essential listening singles.

We have to start our list with “Night Life”. It’s an excellent track that was inspired by prostitutes the band saw while they were working on ‘4’. And the lyrics have a fun playful energy suggesting that the band might have spent some time with the girls. It’s got a killer beat that’s enjoyable to listen to.

Next, be sure to check out “Head Games” which is one of the best songs from the Jones/Gramm era of the band. It’s got an opening that soars the song to the stars and lyrics that talk about how difficult the reality was when the musicians struggled with their working relationships

And for something a little more relaxed, check out “I Want to know what Love is”. The song plays like a spiritual, especially with the backing vocals from the New Jersey Mass Choir and is a fine example of Lou Gramm’s vocal talents. The song details romantic struggles with all the emotion that Jones could muster. And reportedly, teh legendary Ahmet Ertegun was brought to tears when Jones first played it for him.