Foreigner at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino

Foreigner at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino Tickets

Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino | Indio, California

There's nothing like the first time you discovered one of your favorite artists. If Foreigner is one of your top ten favorite artists ever, then you owe it to yourself to get tickets when they descend upon Indio, California, at Foreigner in 2023. It's destined to be one of the memories that remains with you forever and there is no time like the present to take advantage of this event. Make your 2023 one for the ages by viewing this performance live and treating yourself! We make it possible and it’s just seconds away. Click the ‘get tickets’ button and your tickets are secure!

Foreigner at Foreigner Concerts

Have you ever been to the most anticipated music venue in California? If not, then you have to to order tickets to any of the upcoming events hosted by the Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino in Indio, especially to see the amazing Foreigner! This artist has been rising for some time now, and their shows are selling out fast! During their tour throughout the country, fans have been left astounded by some of the greatest performances in recent history! The venue for the latest show offers fans like you the greatest viewing experience from every seat in the house, with acoustics that will give you the crispest sounds possible. The atmosphere and decorations are completely unparalleled when it comes to venues in Indio. So, if you love music, then you’ll love any show performed at the Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino!

Foreigner at Foreigner Concerts

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